• Welcome to Feker’s Kitchen!

  • Simple preparation for Chef Fekers Roasted Tomato Salsa

  • Chef Feker tells you why you should be cooking seasonally

  • When's the last time you visited a Farmers Market near you?

  • Chef Feker takes the art of leftovers to a new level

  • Recipes sauce2

    Chef Feker takes basic tomato sauce to a new level

    Chef Feker is able to turn a plain tomato sauce into something your family and friends will be craving for…

  • Tips palate1

    Tempt those taste buds – please those picky palates!

    One of the biggest frustrations parents and cooks can face is the picky eater.  It can be a struggle to…

  • Tips sear

    Skills that make life in the kitchen that much sweeter

    If you get intimidated by sautéing, braising or broiling, this is the place for you.  Here I’ll break down the…

  • Recipes Plating Chef Feker's lamb shank

    Try cooking up Chef Feker's Fekerlicious Lamb Shanks

    Chef Feker uses a host of cooking techniques to make a “Fekerlicious” lamb shank recipe. It’s something even you can…

  • Tips Feker's Kitchen - new logo

    Dry heat cooking methods

    Let’s start with some dry heat cooking methods – I’ll give you the basics one by one. Sauté – to…

  • Tips Feker's Kitchen - new logo 2

    Moist heat cooking methods

    And now some moist heat cooking methods: Braise – a cooking technique where food (usually meat or veggies) is browned…

  • Recipes Blackened salmon

    Chef Feker's Blackened Wild King Salmon

    Serves 4 Ingredients 4 6-8oz Fillets wild king salmon 2 T Unsalted Butter 1T Olive Oil Sea Salt Non-Stick or…

  • Tips spice2

    Spice 101 – tips, tricks and trivial tidbits

    *The human body contains about 8 ounces of salt *There are more than 30 references to salt in the Bible…

  • Tips Spices

    Alternative household uses for sugar, salt and spices

    USES FOR SALT To remove the white rings left on your table by wet glasses or hot dishes, make a…

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