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  • Simple preparation for Chef Fekers Roasted Tomato Salsa

  • Chef Feker tells you why you should be cooking seasonally

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  • Chef Feker takes the art of leftovers to a new level

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    Chef Feker’s “Flavor Essentials” shopping list

    Every home needs certain basic ingredients to create wonderful, tasty meals that will excite your palate and tempt your family…

  • Recipes turkey cobb salad

    Chef Feker’s turkey cobb salad

    Chef Feker provides some fresh ideas for your next turkey cobb salad. He’s sure you’ll love the flavor explosion it…

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    Introducing the other white meats

    We all know that chicken is a nutritious and tasty alternative to steaks and burgers.  But remember that there are…

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    Tempt those taste buds – please those picky palates!

    One of the biggest frustrations parents and cooks can face is the picky eater.  It can be a struggle to…

  • Recipes pork medallion dish

    Chef Feker’s Middle Eastern-seasoned organic pork medallions

    You’ve never had pork medallions like those Chef Feker is preparing for his show. Full of flavor, ready to be…

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    Chef Feker says, “Let’s talk turkey”

    It used to be that you could only buy turkey as a whole bird.  Not so anymore!  There are so…

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    Chef Feker’s “must have” kitchen tools

    Every handyman knows that if you don’t have the right tools to do the job, and if you don’t know…

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    What’s the best way to debone a chicken?

    Once you have your chicken home, you need to prepare it for your meal. That begins with deboning the bird….

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    Basic cooking terms, definitions and techniques

    There are all kinds of cooking terms and techniques – do you know the difference between braising and broiling?  Chiffonade…